Portobello Road

I have recently been to London for a short course, but also spent some amazing quality time with my sister and caught up with a dear friend. Due to the extremely cold weather (which was practically an impediment for me), I did not walk all the streets of London as I had earlier imagined. Luckily though, I had been to London before, and fulfilled my role as the tourist on the sightseeing bus.

I was happy to explore other things this time, things that would not have been normally introduced to me as obvious London attractions. I had the great pleasure of meeting Portobello road.

Just walking distance from Nottinghill Gate station, Portobello road is a real treat. My first time around, it was difficult to focus on just one thing. I was distracted by the beautiful rainbow of colors on buildings, and amazed by all the extremely original shops. From leather to antiques, these shops were anything but ordinary. It was everything you would not find in a typical commercial area.

I remember it was snowing that day, and in spite of not being able to feel my nose and feet I recall being completely overwhelmed by everything around me. Fruits and vegetables of every shape, kind and color were being sold on the side of the street, and everybody was out and about, as if there was plenty of sunshine.

I was fortunate enough to go back on a Saturday. The street was busy with stands. The weekend market had been set up. It was the first time in my life that I had seen that much vintage. I bought two amazing items dating back to the 1930's.

If in London, then Portobello road is a must see. It was definitely a highlight for me.


  1. I will definitely visit Portobello road on my next visit to London. Seems very interesting.

    Nice pictures.

  2. Thank you, Space. Yes do go!