The Gazan Tunnel Rats

So little is being said when it comes to Gaza's recovery after the war. With a population coming up to 3 million now, and with huge growth and birth rates, Gaza is solely depending on aid arriving through the tunnels dug underneath the border with Egypt, and on the insufficient aid arriving through the UN, due to strict Israeli border control.

Click on the link below to watch an Australian reportage on tunnel traffic in Gaza. I hope this tragic matter catches the attention of people everywhere, as it is not that easy to know what really goes on.



  1. The tunnels are obviously for the humanitarian needs. However, the row that went on during the last months was over Egypt's action to build a solid metal wall underground along the border to prevent the tunnel traffic. That was not accepted from an Arab regime. A completely closed big prison with 1.5 million people trapped inside. The Gazans are survivors.

  2. Space,

    Perhaps we are well aware of the tunnel activity in Gaza, but I am glad to see this reportage reflecting Australian surprise at the existence of such a risky business. This is why I decided to publish this post and add this link. People need to SEE. All palestinians are survivors and I believe the Gazans will pull through despite this dirty Egyptian government conspiracy.

  3. Quelle tragédie pour la population de Gaza !
    Ce sont des conditions inhumaines à vivre.
    Je suis très touchée et surtout dégoutée par la facon de traiter ces pauvres gens.

    Bien à vous, Lina

  4. C'est vrai Olivia. Les conditions sont insupportables. Je suis tres frustree, comme beaucoup de Palestiniens partout dans le monde. On voit tout ca chaque jour a la tele et on peut rien faire. On est degoute aussi, surtout quand on voit l'indifference des gouvernements arabes, c'est ca l'inhumanite.